Hurricane and Security Shutters

Performance, Features, and Durability

Alutech Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters come in all shapes and sizes. Alutech United has developed a new version of the Hurricane Roll Shutter, called Barracuda. Alutech's new Barracuda Shutter System will give you code compliant hurricane protection in small housings.

In addition, the End Retention System eliminates the need for stormbars. Years of engineering and testing went into one of the most advanced Roll Shutters for hurricane protection on the market.

Alutech Products

The Barracuda

These hurricane shutters are especially designed to protect wide openings without the need for storm bars. In addition, the housing size requirement is smaller than any other rolling hurricane shutters on the market. These hurricane shutters are approved under a number of building codes, including FBC and IRC.

The RCE 40

When your budget matters, but so does effectiveness, our RCE 40 hurricane shutters will get the job done right. These are the most cost effective hurricane shutters we carry. Although they offer a lower price point, they do not skimp on protection. This model offers extruded aluminum slats, optional storm bars for larger spans and an efficient roll diameter. In addition, these hurricane shutters are building code approved and comply with FBC, IRC, Dade and TDI.

The Bertha 58

When protection is needed for larger openings, Bertha 58s will perform in a big way. These hurricane shutters are specifically designed for oversized openings like balconies and lanais. Bertha shutters are approved for wood and concrete/block substrates and are building code approved.