Commercial Overhead Doors

Aluminium and Steel

Aluminum Doors

The perfect choice for architectural applications that require bright light, open visibility and a modern, industrial feel, Model 902 Full-View aluminum and glass garage doors can be used as a standard exterior garage door, as an interior "partition" or even as a versatile patio door to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces.

Well-suited for restaurants, service stations, car dealerships, fire stations and trendy commercial retail and office spaces with a distinct architectural appearance.

2-1/8" thick, full-view aluminum and glass garage doors with over 60 different glazing options.

Insulated Sectional

Climate control, reliability, durability -- the premier polyurethane insulated steel garage doors have it all, providing excellent temperature control, energy efficiency and long lasting service for a wide range of applications, such as firehouses, warehouses, and municipal buildings.

These high quality, polystyrene insulated steel garage doors provide energy efficiency and reliable service under demanding conditions. Ideal for use in municipal buildings, warehouses and shipping dock applications, or wherever value and energy efficiency is needed.

Premium-duty 20 gauge and heavy-duty 24 gauge steel insulated garage doors are suited for most commercial and industrial applications. 25 gauge insulated steel doors are an alternative option for applications requiring economy and reliability in a lighter gauge commercial garage door.

Break-Away Bottom Section
A break-away bottom section is an important safety feature for commercial doors installed in high-traffic loading areas. If the door is accidentally struck by a forklift or another piece of heavy equipment, the section gives way and can be reset in seconds, eliminating downtime and costly repair calls, as well as reducing the risk of operator injury and structural damage to the building.

Uninsulated Sectional

Premium-duty 20 gauge and heavy-duty 24 gauge steel non-insulated garage doors offer long-lasting dependability and enduring quality that will meet the rigors of daily use.

25 gauge non-insulated steel doors are an alternative option for applications requiring economy and reliability in a lighter-gauge commercial garage door.

  • 2" thick, 25 gauge ribbed steel door
  • 2" thick, 24 gauge ribbed steel door
  • 1/8" thick, 24 gauge raised panel steel door
  • 2" thick, 20 gauge ribbed steel door

Coiling Steel Doors

Roll-Up Sheet Doors
Designed and manufactured with durability, ease of maintenance and quick garage door installation in mind. Standard features eliminate the need for upgrades and additional charges.

  • Heavy Duty Commercial Roll-up
  • Standard Duty Commercial Roll-up
  • Economy Self Storage Roll-up

Rolling Steel Doors
Constructed of readily available high-quality materials and easily serviced components, to make operation user-friendly and garage door maintenance simple.

  • Heavy Duty Polyurethane Insulated Door
  • Standard Heavy Duty Service Doors
  • Medium Duty Service Door
  • Three fail-safe motor operated systems and a standard chain hoist system to meet the most current fire protection standards.

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